Futti shoes materials


The anatomy of Futti footwear is inspired by natural walking and we ensure that the materials used in our unique footwear are aligned with this philosophy.
That’s why we use comfortable, soft, and, natural materials.


Cork is very well known for its softness and comfy feel, which is why we use this material as the base for all Futti shoe soles. Cork is both light-weight and flexible, and provides excellent shock absorption.


Following the idea of sustainable development and production, Futti anatomic shoes use only sustainable leather, a by-product of the meat industry. We source soft tanned leather for Futti shoes to ensure maximum comfort.

Speaking of natural leather, here’s an additional note – just as things in nature are never quite alike, natural leather on different shoes sometimes differs in colour and structure. That means that each pair of Futti shoes is original and unique!


Our warm slipper models are often made out of the finest, 70%-virgin wool, which is water- and stain-resistant. Plus, wool is gentle to your feet and keeps you warm.


When we choose the textile for our shoes, we make sure we pick those that are comfortable, light, and attractive.


Only the best-of-breed synthetic materials are taken into consideration; those that are breathable, flexible, and durable.

TR Outsole – NEW!

The newest type of outsole that we use is made of a synthetic material known as „TR“, proven to be extremely lightweight and durable. It prevents slipping, ensures great flexibility, and provides the perfect support for natural walking.


Futti-last is a coated, synthetic material, used as the “upper” on many Futti sandals and here’s why: it’s durable, easy-maintenance, and comes with an almost unlimited choice of colours and patterns.


Futti shoes made with microfiber dry quickly, have a particularly soft touch, are very comfortable, and are known for their odour-free, anti-bacterial, and anti-allergenic features.

EVA Outsole

In other words, Etilen Vinil Acetat (EVA), a renowned material in the shoe industry that has become a synonym for flexibility and durability. These outsoles last for many years, enduring different weather conditions and frequent wearing, and are shock absorbing but also lightweight. That makes them a perfect base for our Futti shoes.