Why Futti?

Because it matters what type of shoes you put on and because you choose footwear that is kind to your feet. Futti sandals and slippers are loved by both female and male feet. Sensitive kids’ feet like them too!

  • Natural

    Futti restores the natural movements for which our feet were originally created – you will feel like you are walking barefoot on a soft dirt path or a sandy beach.

  • Quality

    Futti uses only healthy options for your feet, choosing the best natural and synthetic materials.

  • Fashionable

    Futti shoes ensure that your feet look great, offering the comfortable feel of anatomic shoes in beautifully-designed footwear.

  • Comfortable

    Futti shoes come with a particularly soft, cushioned insole, made with millions of micro air bubbles in a hidden layer of super-absorbing foam.

5 good reasons to choose Futti:

  • 1. Gives unique support for your toes and forefoot, providing a pleasant massage, improving blood circulation, and enabling natural flexion of your feet.
  • 2. Supports your instep, which stabilizes the midfoot.
  • 3. Provides side support for your instep, allowing your foot to rest in a natural position.
  • 4. Has a cork outsole, made from all-natural material that is flexible and provides excellent shock absorption.
  • 5. Is created with a deep seat for the heel, providing stability and releasing the heel from body pressure.