How should you maintain your Futti shoes?


To ensure they last longer, our advice is to treat Futti sandals with a quality shoe cream or spray for optimal shoe maintenance. For our models made of leather, patent leather and antik leather, we suggest treating them with clean with a dry cotton cloth. Velour, suede or nubuck leather, should be treated with a soft brush, specific for that type of leather or firm sponge.


You can’t get it much simpler than this: depending on the type of dirt on your shoes, you clean them with moist or dry tissue.


Tanned leather insoles should be cleaned with a soft brush. Washing and soaking is not recommended, however, if that happens, it is best that you leave the shoes to dry naturally, at room temperature, away from heat or sun to avoid cracks. The shoes should be completely dry before you use them again.

Cork insoles should be kept away from sources of heat and high temperatures, such as radiators, fireplaces, or summer sun.

Generally, cork and jute insoles do not like water, so when they get wet they can become heavy and smelly.